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performing arts producer, culture animator, trainer and youthworker. Graduated in Public Administration (UMCS in Lublin), Pedagogy spec. Culture Animator and Manager (UMCS in Lublin), Finance Management (UE in Katowice).

He started his professional theatre manager path in neTTheatre company and Culture Centre in Lublin. He For first 2 years he was producer assistant, than 2014-2018 he was working as main manager and producer of the company. Since 2012 he is member of Artists Association NEAR EAST and since 2017 he is vice president of the board. He was employed in Music Theatre in Lublin as Senior Expert in Administration and Finances within artistic season 2018/2019. Than he moved to Silesia region and had started work for Bytom’s Dance and Movement Theatre ROZBARK for 2 years – 2019-2021. For first year was employed as external art and education project coordinator. For one year he was working as Theatre Manager of Rozbark Theatre leading some art-social projects with and for local community of Rozbark district of Bytom.

Co-founder and president of Eastern Theatre Foundation. Since 2022 self-employed and owner of ARTS360 company, he is working with various public art and culture institutions and NGOs as project coordinator and arts producer.

Creator, curator and producer Republic B. Festival in Bełżyce, co-organized and Municipal Culture House in Bełżyce.

Since 2012 he co-implemented more than 80 international exchange projects of youth talented in arts and training courses for culture workers, which involved more than 600 persons from Poland, mainly from Lublin city and Lublin region. He is permanently working with NGOs from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Ukraine.