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Educational programmes

Choosen education and social programmes:

  • (2013-2014) author of the project “Fresh Theatre Experience” – 12-months art residency in Lublin for young artists from Ukraine and Spain (Artists Association NEAR EAST/Culture Center in Lublin),
  • (2015) co-author of the project “Projekt ABC” – international summer theatre camp in Lublin for youngsters from Lublin and Lviv (Artists Association NEAR EAST, The Old Theater in Lublin Piękno Panie Gallery),
  • (2019) co-author of the project “Nowa Generacja Muzyczna” – training course of alternative music education for children 7-12 y.o. designed in cooperation with Gabriel Menet. Implementation of the project contained 2-months music course, songs writing, summer music camp in Bieszczady mountains, video clips creations (“Szkoła”, “Piosenka o niczym”) and final concert (Musical Theater in Lublin). The second modul of the project was the first in Poland long-term training course of kalimba, designed and run by Daniel Moński,
  • (2020-2021) co-author of the project “Tradycje Rozbarskie” – social-culture programme created with and for local community of Rozbark district in Bytom, designed with Mr. Leon Wostal, local activists and local history enthusiast. Project contained historical walks around Rozbark district, photo competition and exhibition of old photos (more than half photos gathered were made before the World War when Rozbark was in Germany and had been never published before, performing arts workshops for youth, productions of theatre performances “Canaries” dir. G. Gietzky/chor. Sz. Michlewicz-Sowa and “Rozbark. Does notihng change?” dir. G. Grecasa,
  • (2021) author of the project “#sztukalatania / artofflying” – theatre semi-camp for children and youth in Bełżyce in topic of climat catastrophy,
  • (2021) mentor and finance manager of the young artists team run project “Zarapuj Mnie Ślunsk” – 2-months performing arts workshops for young criminals from Special Education Center in Radzionków, finished with video clip co-created by participants: LINK TO VIDEO CLIP. Organizers: Foundation of Alive Word Jumping Elephant, Rozbark Theater in Bytom, Special Education Center in Radzionków.
  • (2022) project coordinator ‘Folk dances in Polish ancient music’ implemented by Association of Ancient Polish Music “Musica Antiqua” LINK TO VIDEO CLIP
  • (2022) author of the project ‘#hopscotch’ theatre semi-camp for children and youth in Bełżyce with integration elements with adults with mental dissabilities
  • (2023) co-author of ‘Gra w Radość’ – summer theatre semi-camp for migrant Belarusian children and youth in Warszawa (VIDEO CLIP)
  • (2023) co-author of ‘PHOTOsynthesis’ – international photoproject in the topic of local cultural heritage of Bytom city, 7 days photo training and exchange, study visits and meetings with local activists from Bytom. LINK TO PHOTO FOLDER The final photo-exhibition was presented in Bytom, Lublin nad Nurmes (Finland)