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We have experience in fundraising for arts, culture and education activities and investments gathered for many years.

In 2023 we won for all our clients total amount of 796.391,95 PLN from public local, national and international fundings: Eastern Theatre Foundation, Municipal Culture House in Bełżyce, INEXKULT Foundation.

Our applications created and accepted in 2022 raised funds until now 448.500 PLN for beneficiaries such as: Municipal Culture House in Bełżyce, Rozbark Theater in Bytom, Fundacja Inqubator Teatralny, Association of Polish Ancient Music Band ‘Musica Antiqua’, Artists Association NEAR EAST.

In 2021 we raised 317,900 PLN for projects run by Artists Association NEAR EAST, Fundacja Inqunator Teatralny, Municipal Culture House in Bełżyce, Foundation of Spoken Word Jumping Elephant.

We have experience in applying, implementation and reporting of donations from grant programs such as:

  • Polish Ministry of Culture programmes (Theatre, Dance, Culture Education, Culture Infrastructure, Culture Houses Infrastructure),
  • National Culture Center (Etnopolska, Kultura-Interwencje),
  • Theatre Institute in Warszawa programmes (Summer in Theater, Teatr Polska, OFF Polska, Konkurs im. J. Dormana (2015), Klasyka Żywa (2015),
  • Culture Bridges Programme of Adam Mickiewicz Institute,
  • Patriotism of Tomorrow Programme of Polish History Museum,
  • Anniversary Programme of Poland Independence for 2019-2022,
  • Erasmus+ Programme EU (international youth exchanges, training courses),
  • Europe for Citizens,
  • Visegrad Fund,
  • grant programmes run by local governments of cities and provinces,
  • scholarships programmes for artists